How to get over a break up

There are a few rules you have to follow after a breakup. These may not be easiest ones but will definitely help speed up the process of healing and help you get back to your new life:

how to get through a break up

1. Do not try to be friends... at least not now. Breaking up does not only mean that you are removing the person from your life, it also means you are completely changing your perspective in life and completely changing your daily routine. From now on, there will be no late night phone calls and no good morning text messages. There will be no more dates and no more arguments. These things you will surely miss, and it is very tempting that you somehow maintain at least a little of your usual routine with your ex. But this is a no-no. Do not attempt you remain your ex's friend. This only prolongs the pain and prevents your heart from healing. If you, however, insist that you remain friends (because of jobs, children, or classes), at least create some ground rules like not discussing new partners and not asking personal questions that will only provide painful response.

2. Delete your ex's number from your mobile phone. Even if you memorize your ex's number, it would be better if you remove his name and number from your phonebook. Bar his or her number from your phone too so that you will no longer have to expect any text messages or phone calls. This also prevents you from texting him in the middle of the night asking why you were dumped, or saves you from begging your ex to take you back, which, by the way, seldom work.

3. Put away everything that reminds you of your ex. Sitting around staring at the mementos really will not help it any way. It is torture. Memories are only good if you know you have that person with you. But after the breakup, it is the last thing you want to be reminded of. Box up all the letters, pictures, and all the personal stuffs of your ex. Some people want to throw it away while some have ceremonial burning. Both may be a bit drastic that after you're calmer and healed, you may even regret it. For starters, box them up and put them out of sight. Eventually, you will be able to look at them again without being sick to your stomach, but not right now.

4. Change your surroundings. Anything that would remind you about your ex should be removed including your room decorations, bed sheets, and even wall paint. Some people buy a new bed. If you can afford it and it will be helpful to healing, go for it. Sleeping in a newly painted room, on a new bed, or new bedding with no memories often removes you from the good memories that are painful to remember. Surround yourself with the things that will make you feel more comfortable like the pictures of your friends and family who really love you and support you from the very start.

How to get over a break up